The Garage Door Directory Listings are open to any Garage Door or door-related business that has a website.


For just £99 for 12 months, we will create a Directory Listing for you that features:


The business name and URL of your website, a thumbnail image or logo, a description of up to 200 characters, direct links through to your site – no redirects or masking – maximising the benefit to you from our highly-ranked pages, well-chosen product keywords, selected by yourself and our team of experts, based on a detailed review of your site’s content and coverage.
The opportunity to make small changes to your listing throughout the year, your site listed under a minimum of 3 relevant pages, and in our searchable database
Submit your details and make payment easily, instantly and securely with PayPal using the Add your Business page  form  – we will then create your entry, and add it to the Directory within hours. All new listing will be featured on our Home Page as new for a period of time.
After 12 months, we will give you the opportunity to renew your Directory entry at the prevailing rate; however, there is no obligation to do so.


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We are the only UK dedicated Garage Door Directory to help you search and find your local garage door installer or repair specialist.

Get Featured on our Front Page – what ever listing package you go for – your business image and details will be featured on our home page for a period of time to help safely boost customers to your website and business.


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We don’t offer free listings on our site – because we are a real team and when you list your business we ensure you get value for money and a business listing that is checked by a person here in the UK with an understanding of the garage door industry, we also ensure your listing and links work, and we are here to help 24/7 and advise if needed. Plus we market and advertise to ensure you get more people to your site each year.


Basic Package£99  
List your Business with a website link and 2 category selection for a year. (select a category like Garage Door Installer or Electric Gates)

Plus Package£149 
Includes all Basic Package – Plus 4 Category selections, your Website Link, Full Company Details, a Logo upload and a Featured Listing for a year. One off payment.

Premium Package£249 
Top Package includes ALL Listing Enhancements and Top Placement on Category Pages, plus extra feature on our Blog page. One off Payment for a 1 year listing.

Lifetime Link Package£495 
LifeTime listing Package includes ALL Basic, Plus and Premium Package Enhancements including Top Placement on Category Pages, plus extra feature on our Blog page. One off Payment for a Lifetime listing.



Our directory is a live submission directory, reviewed daily, and is fully dedicated to promoting Garage Door Companies across the UK

Visitors use this advanced Garage Door Directory in 3 ways – They can search the Full Content of the website for any detail ie garage door installer, Garage Door London , sectional – if any of the search terms are in your listing description your listing will show up, with your business details, website link and your contact details.

if you have north east or your town name in your listing the site will find it and your details will also display.

Users can search in the main orange search area or using the search box at the top right on every page – again users can enter, searches like – garage door repair, North East, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Hormann garage doors or a name of a business, and all Listed businesses will show with these keywords in the listing description.

Once your business details are listed on our site, your details are linked to our advanced search engine, and highlighted on the site which will help get your business and website found safely across UK search engines.

All our packages are renewable at the end of the listing year, we will send you a friendly reminder and if you don’t want to continue your listing or website link with us it will discontinue automatically, or you can pay again by PayPal and have all our great features and benefits again for another year. All payments and listings come with a 14 day cancellation period. Don’t worry if you list something wrong we can change it for you, straight away or anytime during your listing period – just email us and we will amend within 24hrs free of charge.



“We are the only UK dedicated Garage Door Directory to help you search and find your local garage door installer or repair specialist.”


Garage Door Repair Services

The companies featured in The Garage Door Directory provide an extensive range of residential and commercial garage door related services.


Garage Door Repair

The Garage Door Directory UK lists multiple companies available to fix your garage door. If you are experiencing any issue with your garage door, contact a company in The Garage Door Directory, today!

  • Garage Door Won’t Open/Close
    Bent or Damaged Tracks
    Broken Springs
    Cable Off the Drums
    Worn-out Hardware/Side Hinges
    Broken Door Parts
    Gaps around the Door when Closed
    Door Damaged, Broken or Dented
    Plus any other type of Garage Door Repair!

Most companies in will provide an emergency service if needed And all specialists listed can be contacted directly through their listed websites and contact details featured on this website.


Garage Door Replacement and New Installation

Are you in need of a garage door replacement or new installation?
You will find a great company in The Garage Door Directory to replace/install a wide selection of garage doors manufactured by the leading brands in the business. Companies in The Garage Door Directory are often able to provide invaluable advice and can assist in your planning and budgeting if you are not yet ready to hire. Garage door replacements and new installations are typically available for:

  • Single, Double and RV Sized Garages
    Sectional, Roller and Up and over one Piece Tilt Up Doors
    Doors made of: Wood, Aluminium, Steel, Vinyl, Fiberglass and more!


  • There is no better place to find a company to replace or install a new garage door so request a quote from with one of our Official Partners today.


The Garage Door Directory – is the only online dedicated directory to garage doors industry the UK and is now creating amazing results for the companies listed with us.


Our specialist site provides you with a market focused platform to list your services. Our site attracts customers specifically looking for your services – unlike other directories that list multiple home improvement sectors. The Garage Door Directory aims to be the leading resource for both people looking for garage doors and for garage door specialists across the UK.


Submit your Garage Door Business website today, or just Search and Find Your Local Garage Door Company.


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